3D printers in 100 communities to help students design projects

By Yang Jian | May 28, 2014, Wednesday | Online Edition

THREE-DIMENSIONAL printers and modeling software will be available at some 100 local communities and dozens of schools by the end of the year.

Local residents, especially children, can use the printers and modeling software to make their 3D portraits or design work at „innovation houses“ for free.

Equipment has been available at over 50 such houses across the city and will be expanded to over 100 by the end of the year, the US-based Autodesk, which develops 3D modeling software compatible with 3D printers, said today.

The company has developed many 3D printing applications suitable more for home use than professional designing. An application 123D Design, for instance, that is available at local communities, allows users to build a 3D model by simply taking dozens of photos around a person or of objects. Users can also use the applications to design their home or other 3D artwork.

The city government is building the 100-square-meter innovative houses in communities or schools to mainly serve children from 6 to 16 years old. Teenagers can use various tools to study basic mechanic skills.


Top 3D printer vendor expects booming Chinese market

By Zhu Shenshen | February 26, 2014, Wednesday | Online Edition

Chinese 3D printer market will continue rapid growth within next five years thanks to technology upgrade, government involvement and growing popularity of entry-level products, Stratasys Ltd, the world’s biggest 3D printer vendor, said today.

Stratasys, which launched a new color multi-material 3D printer in Shanghai, expected global revenue to hit US$470 to US$490 million in 2014 with a 20 percent growth year on year. Among all regions, China is “absolutely the fastest growing regions worldwide,” said Jonathan Jaglom, general manager of Stratasys Asia Pacific and Japan.

The 3D printers are widely used in industries like automotive, consumer electronics, design, education and aerospace. China has regarded development of the 3D printing industry as a national strategy to transform business model in a more innovation-driven way.

The premier new 3D printer allows users to print out colorful products directly with various materials for the first time. It costs about 3 million yuan (US$496,000)

But entry-level 3D printers, which cost between 20,000 and 30,000 yuan, will soon become popular in China, the company said.


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